Chile Miner Rescue and Reunions: Why Are They Wearing Shades?


Chile Miner

When the first Chilean miner came above ground one thing struck me as rather odd. The fact that he was wearing sunglasses and at night. The other aspect was that when his son first saw him, during that tearful reunion, he didn’t get to have that all important eye contact, but that great big hug they shared more than made up for it. So why was he, along with all the other miners coming above ground wearing shades?

Apparently the collection of medics on hand advised that the men would need to protect their eyes, particularly their retinas, during the transition. And these weren’t just any shades, there were top of the line $160 eye protectors!

All the miners were given Oakley sunglasses, the Radar Model. And although some news sources are saying the sunglasses retail for $450, you can actually pick them up for $160 a pair (right here).  The Oakley company donated the glasses to the international effort. But their charitable act is being looked at as pure charity, it’s also being described as great marketing. Their sunglasses will be seen my millions and millions.

Does that mean every kid who sees the footage will say “I want those miner glasses!” Time will tell, but one thing for sure, Oakley is will be going up no matter the motive.

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