Chilean Miner Complete NYC Marathon With Great Results!

edison pena chilean miner
Chilean Miner Edison Pena finishes the NYC marathon

Edison Pena, one of the trapped Chilean miners finished the New York City Marathon yesterday with a result time of 5:40:51, becoming one of the most inspiring stories to come out of this year’s NYC Marathon.

How was Pena able to complete the NYC Marathon only a month after being rescued from the collapsed mine that he spent 69 days in? According to, he trained in the tunnels of the mine, running in sawed-off work boots. The Chilean miner claimed that running was his salvation during his time being trapped in the mine.

The miner is an inspiration to everyone, showing that a little perseverance can pay off! Throughout the race he both ran and walked and completed the last 12 miles with ice on his knees, but he finished under his goal time of 6 hours.

Congratulations to everyone who ran the NYC marathon yesterday!