Chilean Miner Edison Pena Crosses One Off His Bucket List, Finishes NYC Marathon


edison pena nyc marathonRescued Chilean miner Edison Pena has finished the New York City Marathon!  The man who survived underground for 69 days has fulfilled his dream to finish the marathon this afternoon.   Pena finished the 26.2 mile race with an unofficial time of 5:40:51.  

“First, I want to run this marathon, but secondly, I’d like to motivate those people who aren’t running the marathon to do so in the future,” Pena said before the race. “I also want to especially motivate young children and youth to run because running makes you free.”

Pena, who was nicknamed ‘the runner’ during his days in the mine, continued his training throughout the 69 day ordeal by running 6 miles a day through the underground mine while waiting for rescue.  

Throughout the race Pena was met with crowds of fans cheering him on to fulfill his dream of finishing the race. Next on his bucket list are visits to Graceland and Las Vegas.   What an inspiration for us all!

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