Chilean Miners Getting $1 Million Dollars Each?!?


Chile Miner

The Chilean miners are now, most of them, back at their humble homes. Reacquainting themselves with their friends and family.  Day by day, the amount of coverage of the 33 men dwindles and they’ll soon need to figure out their next move. But their future may be a lot easier with the help of $1 million dollars!

According to the Today Show, a Chilean business man is considering giving each miner one million dollars. That would substantially change their lives and the lives of their children. But even though they could soon be very rich, one of the miners said that he intends to go back to mining saying that he was proud to be a miner and that it is like his family.  But how about their real families? One miner’s sister told the press that she would be very mad if her brother returned to work.  But how about those with young children, those with babies? Would the mothers of their children and their wives be comfortable with their significant others returning to mines. Would they be able to emotionally handle revisiting this somewhat risky profession? If they really do get a million dollars each, do you really think any of them would return to work?

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