Chilean Miners Learn How To Deal With Fame


There has been a media frenzy surrounding the miners. They managed to avoid it while trapped underground since last August, but now that the 33 men have been rescued they will need to learn how to deal with reporters, public attention, and fame. Luckily, they’re getting help!

The men will receive media training from a psychologist and a former journalist. They will also get lessons on how to handle finances from any money they may make off of their ordeal.

Lessons include “remaining poised during an interview, asking the interviewer to repeat the question if they don’t understand it, and how to say that they prefer not to answer”, explained Alberto Iturra, the rescue team’s lead psychologist.

On finaces, they will be taught how to open bank accounts and other basics. The men have already recieved over 1,000 job offers, so this is very needed.