Chilean Miners Rescued! See the Moving Reunion Between 1st Miner and Son (VIDEO)


Florencio Avalos

It’s one of those moments that will stick with you. The amazing triumphant rescue of the Chilean miners who have been trapped 2,000 feet below the surface for over sixty days. The first to be rescued? Florencio Avalos. He exited from the capsule to an exuberant and excited crowd. But the most touching moment?

When he was reunited with his young son. His child was emotional while waiting for his father, who he hadn’t got to hold or hug for over two months. And as soon as his dad was released from the capsule his son ran straight into his arms. The miners each wore protective sunglasses so that they wouldn’t harm their eyes during the transition from their underground holding tank to their regular world so the eye contact wasn’t there, but that didn’t matter. He had his daddy back.

But their world won’t be regular for long. They are, as one pundit stated, being reborn and may emerge as different people. The humble miners will surely be hounded by producers, journalists, TV crews – all wanting a piece of their story. But that one moment, where a father and son are reunited, no matter the chaos that ensues afterwards will always be touching, sweet and very pure.

Check out the first miner being rescued below right here.

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