CHiPs Star Larry Wilcox Busted for Securities Fraud

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CHiPs star Larry Wilcox arrested

CHiPs star Larry Wilcox was busted for securities fraud after an FBI sting operation discovered Wilcox’s involvement in a bogus stock sales scam.

Larry Wilcox played Jon on CHiPs, partner to Erik Estrada’s Ponch.

The Securities and Exchange Commission charged Larry Wilcox and more than a dozen others in the scam they set up a fake company for the sale of phony stocks.

Wilcox is not facing criminal charges, but the SEC is asking for an injunction against Wilcox and others involved. They will face financial penalties for the scam operation.

In a statement about the arrest, Larry Wilcox is named for his role in “interrelated kickback schemes with two other penny stock company executives,” promoting “various illicit kickback schemes to manipulate the volume and price of microcap stocks and illegally generate stock sales.”

Did Wilcox not learn anything in his years in TV law enforcement?

Larry Wilcox has five children from three different marriages.


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