Chris Brown Already Forgiven for GMA Tirade - The Singer Is Still Headed for Dancing with the Stars!

chris brown
Chris Brown GMA Tirade

Chris Brown has already been forgiven by ABC for his reported tirade after his interview on Good Morning America this morning.    As of now his performance on Dancing with the Stars next weekend is still scheduled and it doesn’t look like the show’s producers are planning to cancel it anytime soon. 

“Since he would be just performing and not talking, the chances of him still performing for the show are likely,” a source tells Hollywood Life.  Since he’ll only be on hand to perform and not be asked any probing personal question DWTS expects Brown to be on his very best behavior.

No word yet on whether his tirade may have any impact on his current probation sentence.  The only way it would come into play would be if ABC decided to press charges against the star.

Will you watch Chris Brown on Dancing with the Stars next week?

Photo: PR Photos