Chris Brown Dancing with the Stars Viewer Boycott? Will You Watch DWTS Chris Brown Performance?

Chris Brown Dancing with the Stars boycott
Chris Brown Dancing with the Stars boycott?

Will you watch Chris Brown on Dancing with the Stars? After Chris Brown’s GMA meltdown, some DWTS viewers are planning a boycott of the Dancing with the Stars season 12 week 2 results show.

Some Dancing with the Stars viewers were pretty upset to learn that Chris Brown would be performing on the dance competition.

As if his past abuse of Rihanna wasn’t bad enough, last week Chris Brown had a Good Morning America backstage rage session, resulting in a broken window.

Will you still watch Dancing with the Stars since ABC decided not to cancel Chris Brown’s performance?

If you plan a DWTS boycott, are you going to stop watching all episodes of Dancing with the Stars… or just the results show with Chris Brown’s performance?