Chris Brown Good Morning America: What Really Happened After Chris Brown GMA Interview (Video)

Chris Brown GMA interview meltdown broken window
What really happened after Chris Brown's GMA interview?

Yesterday, Chris Brown’s Good Morning America interview made headlines, but not for the interview itself – rather, what happened AFTER Chris Brown was asked about Rihanna during the interview.

What happened with Chris Brown on Good Morning America?

In this GMA video, Robin Roberts tells what really happened after Chris Brown’s interview, and how the hosts of Good Morning America had no idea until they were off air.

Robin Roberts discusses how Chris Brown was told ahead of the interview that she would be asking questions about his past abuse of Rihanna, yet Brown still seemed uncomfortable with the questions.

After all, Brown was there to discuss his album, but you can’t neglect the elephant in the room, so it seems Roberts was well within her right to ask.

And he had been given warning, so why the angry meltdown backstage?

Chris Brown did perform on GMA and it appears that the hosts on the show had no idea, even replaying a clip of Brown’s performance and commenting on his dance moves.

What do you think of Chris Brown’s angry reaction?