Chris Brown Heckled on Basketball Court After Good Morning America Fiasco

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Chris Brown heckled on basketball court after Good Morning America fiasco

After Chris Brown’s violent outburst at Good Morning America on Tuesday, he blew off some steam playing basketball at The West 4th Street Courts.

After his interview with host Robin Roberts, where she asked one too many questions about Rihanna, Brown went off on a tangent.

“He looked like he wanted to kill somebody,” said a “GMA” insider. “He went completely nuts. He just walked off the set, ripped off his shirt and went into the room and threw a chair and broke the window.”

A few hours later, Brown jumped into a pick-up basketball game in Manhattan’s West Village.  But Brown was reportedly being heckled by bystanders.

“Chris Brown getting trash-talked by the crowd. Missing every shot,” Huffington Post contributing editor David Weiner posted on his Plixi page, along with photos of Brown on the court.

“At least he’s wearing a shirt now. No sign of broken glass, either.”

Photo: David Weiner Plixi photo