Chris Christie Making A Run For The White House In 2012?

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Chris Christie Aiming For a President Run In 2012?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie revealed his future plans Wednesday (Feb. 16) when asked whether he would run for President in 2012.

Christie has been under pressure to join an ever-growing field of Republicans who are looking to dethrone President Barack Obama in the 2012 election. But haters, fret not.

“I’m not stupid,” Christie said in response to questions after a speech at the conservative American Enterprise Institute. “I see the opportunity. I see it. That’s not the reason to run.”

“You have to believe in your heart and in your soul and in your mind that you are ready,” he said.

And while Christie is already strongly disliked by many, his reason won’t exactly earn points with Americans.

“Listen I threatened to commit suicide, I did … to convince people I’m not running. Apparently I actually have to commit suicide to convince people I’m not running,” Christie said.

One reason the New Jersey governor cited for his decision not to run was “my wife will kill me” if he did.

Should he really be talking about committing suicide so lightly? I already do not like the man and this just makes me sick.

What do you think about Christie running for President and his latest comments?