Chris Daughtry Proves Dads Can Rock Out on Today Show (Video)


Chris Daughtry rocked out during this morning’s edition of the Today, and the expectant dad couldn’t help but talk about the upcoming arrival of his twins with his wife Deanna Daughtry.  

The band performed their hits –  September, No Surprise, and Leave This Town – as part of the summer concert series.   Between the musical numbers, Chris took time to gush about the arrival of his twins – a boy and a girl – later this fall.

“I don’t know if we’re ready, but we don’t have a choice,”Chris laughed. “We’re very excited. It’s a very exciting time now. We’re a little nervous, but it’s gonna be awesome.”

The babies are due to arrive in November via a surrogate.  They will join daughter Hannah, 13, from Deanna’s previous marriage and their adopted son, Griffin, 12.

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Photo: AP