Chris Harrison Blogs The Truth About Bachelorette Rozlyn Papa (PICTURES)


rozlyn-papa-pictures-jake-bachelor-chris-harrisonSo, there was drama a-plenty on last night’s episode of The Bachelor, and host Chris Harrison has the inside scoop on what really happened when bachelorette Rozlyn Papa was booted for having an affair with a staff member. Read the hair-pulling, nail-biting details after the jump!

Amidst claims by Papa that the stories about her affair are false, Harrison seems certain of what went on in the Bachelor mansion. “Let me be…specific.  It was an inappropriate relationship that got physical,” Harrison writes on his blog on the EW website. “This was not just about one person’s “feelings” for another. We would never go to such extremes because of a schoolyard crush.  After extensive research and doing our homework we came to the conclusion without a shadow of a doubt that an inappropriate relationship had occurred.”

Harrison apparently has eyewitnesses to the affair, as well as a confession from the staffer himself. “First of all, several girls in the house independently witnessed  the inappropriate behavior firsthand, and they came forward and told producers what was taking place,” Harrison writes. “Second, the staffer came forward and confessed everything himself.  He told executive producers everything about his inappropriate physical relationship with Rozlyn.”

If you watched the show you know that Rozlyn was sent packing, but according to Harrison it wasn’t the end of the affair. “I can also tell you here that since Rozlyn left the show she and the staffer have continued their relationship and have seen each other several times.”

One thing that Harrison doesn’t address are Papa’s claims that Bachelor producers and ABC made her hide the fact that she has a 7-year-old son. More drama to come, people, so stay tuned!