Chris Hemsworth Is Super Dad! (Photos)


Chris Hemsworth is super hot dad shopping with his baby gitl India! How many dads can carry their baby and get the grocery shopping done? Chris makes it look easy and is leaving with a smiling baby! Amazeballs!!

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  • Chris Hemsworth 1 of 6
    Chris Hemsworth
    Chris Hemsworth takes his adorable daughter India Rose for some grocery shopping at the 'Whole Foods' in Los Angeles.
  • Super Dad! 2 of 6
    Super Dad!
    How adorable is Chris holding that baby!
  • With Ease! 3 of 6
    With Ease!
    He is doing it with ease and she is super adorable!
  • Matching! 4 of 6
    How cute her shoe laces match her pants!
  • Impressive! 5 of 6
    I can't believe that Chris is holding the baby and shopping!
  • Hot! 6 of 6
    Seriously it is super hot to see a dad with his baby shopping!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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