Chris Hemsworth Goes Face To Face With His Fans! (Photos)

Chris Hemsworth

Thor’ actor Chris Hemsworth cheerfully arrives at LAX where he signed autographs for fans before catching his flight!

What a nice guy! I am sure those fans at Los Angeles International Airport  were so excited to see him and could not believe he would sign autographs so easily!

Just today the Buzz on Entertainment Wise is back that maybe Chris will play in the film adaptation of EL James’ raunchy read Fifty Shades Of Grey.! I would definitely see that! I prefer him to Robert Pattinson – But would be just fine with Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling or  Alexander Skarsgard.

Check out the sweet photos of Chris!

  • Hi!!! 1 of 7
    Oh, it is you? What can I do for you???
  • Chris Hemworth! 2 of 7
    Chris Hemworth!
    He really was not as dreamy in the Avengers as he is in real life!
  • Shirt! 3 of 7
    Can you read his shirt cause I can't!
  • Brown? 4 of 7
    Very interesting choice of Brown suede shoes!
  • Where? 5 of 7
    Where is Chris going? It can't be back east he looks to light on the clothing!
  • Sweet! 6 of 7
    Making a fans day!
  • No! 7 of 7
    I mean making a fans lifetime!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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