Chris Lambton Offered Next Bachelor Spot - But Will He Take It?


The fans have spoken and apparently ABC executives have listened: Chris Lambton has told pals that he was extended an offer to be the star of the next installment of The Bachelor. But there are conflicting stories about whether he’ll accept.

“Chris told his friends last weekend before the finale aired that the producers offered him the job,” an insider said. However, don’t get your hopes up yet, ladies. “He said he doesn’t want to do it and would rather stay on Cape Cod with his family,” the source said. But other sources say he in fact will be the next Bachelor.

“Decisions are already underway for the next season with Chris as the Bachelor,”  the insider told Single gals, get your applications submitted now to compete for his love before it’s too late! Here’s why we said he would be the next Bachelor. And looks like we were right…


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