Chris Martin Is Suing Star Magazine For Kate Bosworth Story


chris-martin-mosesAh… there just no place quite so romantic as a U2 concert to start an extra-marital affair, right? Apparently, that’s not how Chris Martin feels about it. The father of 2 is reportedly suing Star Magazine for reporting that it caught Chris and Kate Bosworth playing tonsil hockey at a sold-out concert with “All I Want is You” jamming in the background.

Apparently, Team Paltrow-Martin has determined that they can fight the tabloid’s claims and win in a court of law. Neither of their kids Apple, 5, or Moses, 3, are old enough to care much about the headlines. So, I’m not sure why the want to fight it, except for the pure pleasure of punching Star in the nose and taking its money.

In the US, this kind of a lawsuit might not get too much traction — no matter how damaging the claim may be. In the UK, it’s a bit of a different story. Here, cheesy tabloid stories are kinda like a fun little game. There, it’s more of a bloodsport.

In fact, it’s not the first time a celebrity husband has taken on the tabloids for smearing his image as a faithful family man. David Beckham not only beat won a libel case against a tabloid that ran a similar cheating story, he won some major damages from them.

Guess the libel and slander laws are a little different over there.