Chris Medina American Idol Brings Judges and Viewers To Tears

chris medina chris medina american idol juliana ramos car accident
Chris Medina brings fiance Juliana Ramos to meet the "American Idol" judges

Chris Medina is already becoming one of the most memorable faces of the Milwaukee auditions for the tenth season of American Idol.

The 26-year old barista from Illinois shared his story of how his fiancé, Juliana Ramos, was in a car accident just weeks before their wedding.  She suffered brain damage.

The couple have been together for eight years, and Medina is looking after Ramos now  “through sickness and in health”, along with her mother.

Chris Medina can sing!  His rendition of ‘Breakeven’ by The Script was amazing.  He brought Ramos along and she also had the chance to meet judges Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. 

Emotions were high when she was brought into the audition room it was a tearful moment for everyone.

While fans support Medina, others think his motives and actions, along with American Idol producers, were exploitative.

But it was a beautiful story to share, no?  Idol is known to feature specific contestants and their amazing stories from struggle to success is this story any different?

Ramos herself appeared joyous when Medina was given the ticket to Hollywood shouldn’t we just celebrate along with them?