Chris Medina "What Are Words": Watch Video Premiere Online

chris medina what are words
Watch Chris Medina "What Are Words" Video Premiere

Chris Medina’s “What Are Words” premiered today, a song that was inspired by his fiancee. Chris Medina captured the hearts of America, and judge Jennifer Lopez on American Idol. He may not have made the American Idol Top 24, but his career is still moving right along. You can watch the Chris Medina “What Are Words” video premiere online at the end of this post.

In talking about the meaning behind the song, Chris said, “It’s a song about making promises and fulfilling them, about telling someone you love that you’ll be there and having them be able to count on you because you said it. Because the words that you say really mean something. It’s a powerful song.”

Chris Medina’s fiancee, Juliana Ramos, was in a major car accident just a couple months before they were supposed to get married. She is in a wheelchair now, and he still cares for her on a daily basis. If that’s not a sign of true love, I don’t know what is.