Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook Fight Over the Kids in Court


christie_brinkleyForget Jon and Kate, there’s another famous couple that’s in the midst of a down and dirty negotiations Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook.

Brinkley filed for divorce from Cook last year after she found out that he cheated on her.  But now they’re back in court in Long Island. Cook is claiming that Brinkley is sabotage his relationship with their children.

“She is doing everything she can to ruin my relationship with my kids. I am trying to move on with my life and I wish she would do the same.” He made the claim Cook and son Jack couldn’t go on a recent school trip to Egypt because Brinkley wouldn’t pony up the passport in a timely manner.

“But according to Brinkley’s people, “Peter Cook’s claim that Ms. Brinkley refused to turn over her son’s passport is without merit and totally disingenuous.” Word is that Brinkley was “a few hours late as her friend’s mom had just died and Cook refused to go pick up the passport from her home.”
What kind of resolution are they looking at? Cook lawyers would like Brinkley to be put in jail! Plus they want more child visitation privileges and also that Brinkley sign up for anger management classes. But Brinkley would like Cook to be put in the slammer.

Brinkley lawyer, who showed up for the hearing said, “We’re here because Peter Cook filed what we believe is a frivolous application to the court. What Christie Brinkley wants is what’s best for her children. She wants to get this resolved fairly and get it all behind her.”

Oh why can’t those crazy kids just get along?