Christie Brinkley And Peter Cook Settle Their Ugly Custody Battle


christie-brinkley-peter-cookA year after their divorce was finalized, Christie Brinkley and her ex Peter Cook are still going at it like Jon and Kate… and the similarities don’t stop there either. Not only are they having a very public and very drawn-out, bitter and public divorce but, just like Jon, Pete likes younger women — much younger ones. Unlike Jon & Kate, however, Christie and Peter’s battle is finally over with.

Apparently, even though Peter had been pretty much crushed in the initial custody case during the divorce (for cheating on Christie with an 18 year old), he was allowed to maintain some contact with the couple’s two kids Sailor Lee, 11, and Jack, 14.

The latest chapter erupted when Peter Cook claimed that Christie was trying to sabotage his relationship with the children, and then both of them claimed that the other should be put in jail. Classy.

Says Brinkley’s lawyer:

“Since Mr. Cook lost the custody battle in the divorce trial, he has staged a relentless smear campaign against Ms. Brinkley. Ms. Brinkley is completely vindicated. The parties’ settlement approved by the judge today does not grant any of the requests in Peter Cook’s vindictive requests including, among others, his request for Ms. Brinkley to undergo anger management or for the appointment of a parenting coordinator.”

After all of the name calling, Christie and Peter have apparently come to an acceptable custody arrangement, like very immature, insecure adults. Hopefully Jon and Kate can learn something here.