Christie Brinkley And Sailor Attend A Tea Party


christie-brinkley-sailorChristie Brinkley and her 11-year-old daughter Sailor dropped by a tea party over the weekend. Not the kind of tea party where a bunch of angry, middle-aged tax protesters scream at local politicians. No, Christie and Sailor were attending the launch of Tea Party Angels, a charity that raises money for impoverished women all over the world.

Apparently, Christie is a believer in the idea that you’re never too young to start helping those who are less fortunate. She and Sailor were the guests of honor at the NYC launch on Sunday.

Teaching kids about the importance of charity when they’re young is so important, and the Tea Party Angels program is perfect for that purpose.

The program is actually pretty cool.  It’s designed for mothers and daughters to host tea parties together in order to raise money for the education of women in developing countries.

Check out the Tea Party Angels website if you’re interested in getting involved.