Christie Brinkley Still Looks Like a Barbie Doll at 57! (Photos)

christie brinkley
Christie Brinkley at "The Ides of March" NYC Premiere

Christie Brinkley is one amazing-looking woman. At 57 years young, she still turns heads everywhere she goes, and she still looks pretty much exactly like a Barbie doll!

She may be nearing 60, but Christie still has the same blond bombshell good looks that she did when she was in her twenties. If I didn’t know her true age, I would probably place her in her mid-to-late thirties!

Christie really played up her glamorous Barbie style for the premiere of “The Ides of March” in New York City. With her fitted black dress, golden locks, and bright red lipstick, she truly rocked the red carpet!

Here are a few more photos of Christie from the premiere. Isn’t she beyond gorgeous?

Photos: PRPhotos

  • Hot Mama! 1 of 4
    Hot Mama!
    Can you believe she's a few years away from turning 60?
  • Christie or Barbie? 2 of 4
    Christie or Barbie?
    Christie looks like a life-sized version of Barbie.
  • No Wrinkles! 3 of 4
    No Wrinkles!
    Christie has found the fountain of youth somewhere!
  • Gorgeous as Ever! 4 of 4
    Gorgeous as Ever!
    Christie takes the term "supermodel" to another level.


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