Christina Aguilera Covers Up Her Shape in LA (Photos)

christina aguilera
Christina Aguilera in LA.

Poor Christina Aguilera really can’t seem to catch a break these days. She’s had kind of a rough couple of years, with her marriage falling apart, getting arrested, and of course, people making rude comments about her weight.

Christina has put on a few pounds since her teeny-bopper days back in the 1990s, but doesn’t that pretty much happen to everyone? She’s getting older, and she has had a baby, which definitely changes your shape.

The comments about her weight must be getting to her a bit, because this week Christina was seen out and about in LA covering up her body with a long coat and scarf. She seemed to be trying to hide her figure, although when I looked at these photos of her more closely, it actually looked like she was not wearing pants under the jacket.

Christina should be proud of her curves and not let nasty comments from others bring her down! Here are a few more photos of her covering up her shape in LA.


  • Hiding Her Figure? 1 of 4
    Hiding Her Figure?
    Christina covered her body with a long coat and scarf.
  • No Pants? 2 of 4
    No Pants?
    Christina doesn't appear to be wearing pants under that coat.
  • Under the Radar 3 of 4
    Under the Radar
    Christina wore a hat and sunglasses to try and go unnoticed.
  • All Covered Up! 4 of 4
    All Covered Up!
    It looks like Christina did not want her curves to be seen.

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