Christina Aguilera Heading For a Britney Spears Style Meltdown!

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Is Christina Aguilera Heading For A Meltdown?

According to her friends, Christina Aguilera is showing signs of a potential meltdown! Keep all active buzzers away from this Grammy-award winning singer!

Aguilera split from her husband Jordan Bratman earlier this year, and ever since has displayed erratic behavior. From her new relationship with Matt Rutler, a reported freak out on Burlesque co-star Julianne Hough, and getting so drunk at Jeremy Renner‘s birthday that she allegedly passed out in his bed, Aguilera is heading for a breakdown compared to Britneys‘ in 2007.

And has anyone else noticed that the singer is gaining a lot of weight?

Sources say, “It’s beginning to take a toll on her looks. Youth can only carry you so far. Xtina is starting to look haggard! But [her divorce] it’s got her acting too crazy. After all, she is the mother of a 3-year-old little boy [son Max]. She needs to act more responsibly.”

While I imagine it is super difficult to go through a divorce, especially in the limelight, I hope Aguilera can get her act together and make her son, Max, proud!

Do you think Aguilera is heading for a meltdown?