Christina Aguilera Is Trying To Stop World Hunger


christina-aguilera-1Christina Aguilera is helping to spread the message about the malnutritioned children in Central America. She took trip to Guatemala so she could see what that hunger means.

We all know hunger and we see snippets of it on TV, but she wanted to see with her own eyes the breadth and depth of the hunger. She is working with the World Food Programme to get donations to help the undernourished women and children.

“I wanted to see with my own eyes what hunger means. As a mom my heart just breaks when I see how young mothers like Concepción struggle to feed their children. I don’t think I can ever forget these images.”

“The people of WFP do such a great job helping hungry children and mothers. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful project and incredible team. WFP urgently needs donations to keep feeding some 150,000 women and undernourished children I want to raise awareness and open people’s eyes so they can get the funds they need to keep on working.”

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