Christina Aguilera Photos: Pictures a Publicity Stunt?

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Christina Aguilera leaked photos online

Were the Christina Aguilera leaked photos a publicity stunt? After all, while the Christina Aguilera leaked photos are a bit racy, it’s really not that revealing, considering some of the things Christina has worn in the past.

Dirrty, anyone?

Given the Christina Aguilera leaked pictures are pretty tame, I’m guessing Aguilera isn’t exactly embarrassed, leading one to believe that this may just be a publicity stunt.

A newish album, a movie that’s not done so hot… why not throw a few Christina Aguilera racy pics out in the mix and stir up a little heat?

Still, Christina Aguilera’s rep maintains that a hacker is responsible, having swiped the racy Aguilera photos from her stylist. The rep also says they’ll “to determine the identity of the hackers and will pursue them aggressively.”

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