Christina Aguilera Living with Ex-husband AND New Boyfriend Matt Rutler??

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Christina Aguilera living with ex and new boyfriend?

Christina Aguilera was living with her ex-husband AND her new boyfriend, Matt Rutler?

According to, Christina Aguilera’s ex-husband Jordan Bratman just moved out their home, where he has been living since they split in October.

But Aguilera’s new boyfriend, Matt Rutler, reportedly also lived there with Christina, Jordan and Aguilera/Bratman’s son, Max.


Rutler supposedly moved in weeks ago, and Bratman just moved out on Tuesday.

Can you say awkward?!

Reportedly, the three adults didn’t live together the entire time, as Christina Aguilera stayed in hotels in L.A. after her split from Bratman. She did, however, finally moved back to their family home recently.

One source tells TMZ, “Thank God Jordan is moving out. It was getting really awkward, but Christina was letting Jordan stay for the sake of Max.”


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