Christina Aguilera Pregnant? Who's the Baby Daddy? DWTS Video

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Christina Aguilera pregnant? Dancing with the Stars performance

Christina Aguilera pregnant? That’s the question on everyone’s minds after seeing Christina Aguilera’s Dancing with the Stars’ performances tonight (video).

Of course, wearing a skimpy costume for the Burlesque number didn’t do much to hide any bumps or weight gain that Christina Aguilera was sporting, so if Christina is pregnant, she’s really putting it out there.

If Christina Aguilera’s pregnant, who’s the baby daddy? Could it be her ex-husband, or the new guy she was spotted holding hands with, Matthew D. Rutler?

Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler were seen on Sunday prior to the American Music Awards (where the Christina Aguilera pregnant rumors first started flying).

Rutler and Aguilera met when he worked on Burlesque as a production assistant. He plays guitar in The Nate Mott Band.

Is Christina Aguilera pregnant? We should be finding out soon enough!