Christina Aguilera Photos: Who Were the Hackers?

Christina Aguilera Racy Photos: Who Were the Hackers?
Christina Aguilera Racy Photos: Who Were the Hackers?

Christina Aguilera’s racy photos were released on the internet after a hacker got into the personal account of Christina Aguilera’s personal stylist.

Was it the same hackers who gained access to Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga’s computers?

Two German hackers gained access to the computers of over 50 pop stars in an attempt to steal unreleased songs and issue blackmail threats over intimate photographs, prosecutors have alleged.

The pair, according to German police, used nothing more than perseverance and simple invasive programmes called Trojans, which can break into private computer networks. But they are alleged to have hacked into the computers of a string of world famous stars and downloaded hundreds of documents including music, credit card details, emails and photographs.

Their haul included a picture of the American singer Kesha, reportedly naked and having sex. Prosecutors said that the two had tried to blackmail the 24-year-old singer, but no money changed hands.

Happy with their success, the duo allegedly bragged on internet forums about their ability to hack into the computers of A-list celebrities. But prosecutors believe their main goal was unreleased musical material, which can fetch high prices on the internet. They sold some of the music they had obtained.

The Christina Aguilera leaked photos are causing quite a stir, and a big question is why Christina Aguilera’s stylist had the racy pictures in the first place.  A statement made by Christina Aguilera’s rep said that the racy photos were, “taken in the privacy of Ms. Aguilera’s home and were used only in a personal exchange between the star and her stylist.”

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