Christina Aguilera Super Bowl Rehearsal: Christina Gets National Anthem Right! (Video)

christina aguilera national anthem super bowl lyrics
Christina Aguilera National Anthem rehearsal video

Christina Aguilera’s Super Bowl National Anthem rehearsal video is making the rounds online and guess what? During rehearsal, Christina Aguilera sang the Star Spangled Banner lyrics the right way.

Hard to believe the pressure of performing at the Super Bowl got to her – shouldn’t she be used to singing at big events?

Interestingly though, Christina Aguilera doesn’t sing the whole National Anthem during her Super Bowl rehearsal. In the video, she also looks a little annoyed as she walks off am I wrong?

As for Christina Aguilera’s actual live Super Bowl performance, Simon Cowell gave this critique: it sounded like “100 thousand people in the stadium just sat on a cat.”


Read what Joan Rivers had to say about Christina Aguilera’s Star Spangled mess up.

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