Christina Aguilera Super Bowl: Will Mistake Be Forgotten? (Video)

christina aguilera national anthem super bowl
Will Christina Aguilera Live Down Super Bowl Mistake?

Christina Aguilera’s performance of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl seems to have almost as many people talking about it as the Super Bowl 2011 final score! The Steelers definitely weren’t the only ones who had their egos crushed last night. After singing the wrong Star Spangled Banner lyrics, will Christina Aguilera ever live this one down? Will her mistake be forgotten?

You can watch a video clip of Christina Aguilera’s lyric mishap in below. The singer released a statement saying that she “got lost in the moment” of the song and forgot her place, which is understandable. It could’ve happened to anyone, right?

To make matters worse, Christina’s performance came on the heels of Lea Michele performing America The Beautiful before the Super Bowl. If messing up the National Anthem words wasn’t bad enough, now people are buzzing about how much better Lea’s number was.

What do you think, will Christina Aguilera’s Super Bowl mistake be ancient history by tomorrow?

Photo: PRPhotos