Christina Aguilera Wants To "Do Lunch" With Her Abusive Father


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Christina Aguilera wants to see her abusive father, 13 years since last seeing one another.

Christina Aguilera may be famously known for her voice, but behind closed doors Christina endured years of abuse by her father. And now, at 31-years-old, Aguilera is open to reconnecting with the man that raised her.

“I’ve talked about how rough things were for me and I’m sure he’s heard it,” Christina tells the March issue of Latina. “He can’t be thrilled about it. So maybe one day we can do lunch. I’m 31 years old now. Maybe it’s time.”

Her father, Fausto has long denied her abusive claims. “I never abused them in any way and they know that,” he said in 2002. “I’m sorry to have ever raised a hand to my wife, but it was never brutal like Ike and Tina Turner.”

Perhaps her past experiences led Aguilera to where she is today.

“I grew up in a household where domestic violence occurred and the greatest gift for me, as a child, was the day my parents got divorced,” said Aguilera, who divorced her own husband Jordan Bratman in October 2011. “The key to having a happy child is having a happy parent. Kids are like sponges: they take on everything.”

Do you think Christina should be open to meeting Fausto once again?

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