Christina Aguilera's Weight Gain: End the Scrutiny!

christina aguilera
Christina Aguilera debuts her curvier figure in LA.

Christina Aguilera has been under some serious scrutiny after debuting a slightly fuller figure this weekend in LA. The singer, who has gone through many visual identities before landing on the classy bombshell look she rocks now, lost the baby weight after giving birth to son Max in 2008, pretty quickly, but now apparently has put a few pounds back on.

“She has a much curvier physique and fuller face, appearing to be the heaviest she’s ever been, barring her pregnancy in 2008,” wrote The Daily Mail.

According to a source that spoke with Daily Mail, “It’s bizarre Christina has put on so much weight as she’s been doing lots of dancing and high energy work for Burlesque.” Her movie, which debuts in November, features the star singing and dancing throughout. “The whole movie is choreography and she was very active so I’m surprised she’s piled on the pounds so quickly,” the source said.

So here’s what we have to say about this: Leave her alone! The 29-year-old still looks fabulous, even if she may have added a few pounds (and we’d be willing to bet she’s still at an extremely healthy weight.) If anything, it seems Aguilera has a great, healthy body image–something that sets not only a great example for her many young fans, but also for her son as he grows up in Hollywood.


Photo: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

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