Christina Applegate Engaged! And on the Fast Track to Babies


When Christina Applegate announced her engagement to rocker Martyn Lenoble last week, one thought went through my mind: next comes babies? Because all of the evidence indicates that we’ll see this 36-year-old actress  “Married…With Children” in the very near future.

Applegate, who’s been dating Lenoble (of Porno for Pyros fame)  for two years, has been talking about her baby lust for eons. Want specifics?

In 2008, less than a year after divorcing actor Jonathan Schaech, the then-single Applegate told Redbook, “I want to have kids.  That’s something I really need to get on soon.  Which is difficult in the current situation, but it can be done.” She said she’d be willing to have children on her own, if that was her only option, because, “I feel complete when I’m with babies and kids. ”

She also recently told In Touch that after battling breast cancer (and having a double mastectomy) in 2008, she’s more committed than ever to achieving her dreams. What do those dreams include? Skydiving…”and babies, lots of babies. Well, not lots of babies, but a couple!”

The Christina Applegate bump watch is on! We’ll keep you posted.