Christina Applegate on Cravings & Skinny Jeans


“I crave food! I don’t care what it is!” Christina Applegate said on the George Lopez Show this Thursday.  I am pretty sure anyone who has been pregnant can agree.

So what are her cravings? Ketchup, pancakes, ketchup on pancakes?

“I came here and within 30 seconds I had a Sprinkles cupcake and a bunch of fried cheese. I eat macrobiotics for the most part, and I eat really well … until I came here,” she said.

And while a cupcake can be fun, she is having some challenges in the wardrobe department. “It’s a challenge getting dressed, like to figure out proportion, because if you wear like skinny jeans then you look like Humpty Dumpty! I’m learning how to balance.”

Stars…they’re just like us.