Christina Milian Wants To Have More Kids, Talks Beyonce and Jay-Z's Baby


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Christina Milian talks about having more kids.

Christina Milian’s daughter, Violet, may only be 18-months-old, but that hasn’t stopped the songstress from wanting more children. The 29-year-old Milian split from her daughter’s father mid-pregnancy. BET caught up with Milian at the Pampers Cruisers’ 3-Way Fit Launch “Play-A-Palooza,” where she talked about having more kids, advice to new moms, and how she feels about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby news!

On having more babies of her own: “I do! I want to have more kids someday and I think I’ll get married again. I’m going to take my time though this time. It won’t be engaged in a month and married over night. But, who’s to say! You never know. I never thought at one time that I would’ve gotten married before and had a child, so you never know what the future will bring.”

On her style advice for new moms: “It’s hard because you don’t know which size to buy yet! You’re like, ‘I can’t buy these yet because I’m still huge.’ But you know just be confident in what you wear. It’s important I think for a mom who has babies to still get dressed up every day; you feel good and it pushes you forward as a mom. It’s hard and I know you’re tired, but at some point it’s great to put the makekup on again, put on the heels.”

Her thoughts on Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s baby news: “I’m so excited! I’m really excited for Beyoncé. She’s worked her butt off for so many years. This is going to be beyond anything she’s ever achieved. It’s going to be amazing.”

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