Christina Perri on Conan

Christian Perri performed live on the Conan O'Brien show.

On last night’s Conan O’Brien show, Christina Perri performed live. The 24 year-old singer songwriter became famous after posting a youtube video of herself singing in her bedroom.

Though she tried to get a record deal, it took a friend passing on that youtube video to a manager to get that to happen. She really took off when a friend passed her single “Jar of Hearts” on to a choreographer for the show So You Think You Can Dance. Christina performed the song on the show in June 2010.

I was among those who heard the song and instantly loved it, immediately doing a search for the song online, trying to find where to buy it and who sang it. Very emotional.

Previously, the song sold over 400,000 digital copies. After last night’s performance, there was much talk on twitter about her and her song, perhaps causing more copies of her song to be sold.

Just goes to show the power of youtube!

Photo: PRPhotos

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