Christine O'Donnell on MTV: Pre-Tea Party Campaign For Kids VIDEO

Christine O'Donnell
Christine O'Donnell campaigned for kids before winning the Delaware primary

Christine O’Donnell pulled a shocking upset in the Delaware primary last night. The Sarah Palin-endorsed Tea Party candidate beat incumbent Mike Castle to win the Republican bid for Senate, and this morning people are wondering what O’Donnell stands for and what her candidacy might mean for their families and their children.

Well, here’s a clue what she’s against: Kids touching themselves. She appeared in a documentary on MTV in the early ’90s in which she, along with a group of other religious agitators, campaigns against child masturbation. To see it, along with her poufy ’90s hairdo, keep reading.

Here’s O’Donnell in a segment dug up by MSNBC. Note the nostalgia-inducing slip dress.


Photo: Christine O’Donnell web site