Christmas Cards: Getting Christmas Cards in the Mail Still The Best

Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards are still the best

Did you send out your Christmas cards?  Did your kids hand out any at school?

This year is a record low for the number of Christmas cards I’ve received in the mail.

And it’s kind of sad, actually.

This year, I sent out about 25 cards by mail which included a photo of my boys and Santa inside.  My son gave all of his classmate cards 22 of them along with a candy cane.  My second son also gave about 10 out to his pre-school.

There’s nothing like picking up your mail and finding a beautiful Christmas card from a friend or family member.  That’s the beauty of the old-fashioned Christmas card, the ones you get through snail mail.

Especially from those loved ones who live far away but who remain close to your heart, especially during the holidays.

How will you enjoy an e-card?  You can’t hang it by your fireplace mantel or tape it to your wall. 

Unless you print it, of course, but it’s still not the same.

Did you mail out any cards this year?