Christopher Gartin and Jennifer Aniston: The Real Deal


chris gartin jennifer anistonchris gartin jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston dined last week with Christopher Gartin, True Blood star and all-around hunk, at L.A.’s Sunset Tower Hotel. They’re keeping mum about the state of their relationship, though rumor has it that Aniston and Gartin were set up by Jen’s BFF, Courteney Cox Arquette. And while Jen’s been unlucky in love until now, Gartin may turn out to be her long-term match. Like Jen, he understands the heartbreak of going through a divorce (Aniston was married to Brad Pitt, the 42-year-old Gartin was once married to an event planner). Plus, Jen’s reportedly dying to have kids — and Christopher Gartin comes with his own.

“He’s perfect for Jennifer Aniston. She deserves a really good guy, who is a family man and a father,” a source tells Ok! magazine. “He brought his children to the set once last year and he’s so caring and doting. He’s as natural dad, as if he were born to be a parent. How perfect for Jennifer if she wants kids and if their relationship takes them down that road.” True Blood‘s Anna Paquin is about to become a step-mom by marrying co-star Stephen Moyer. Could Aniston be going down the same road?

For True Blood fans, Christopher Gartin plays Hugo, who joined the story in season 2 as Isabel’s human boyfriend. There’s little information about his children, except for the mention in Ok!, but we’re keeping our eyes open for more news.

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