Christopher Lee Congressman Resigns, Twitter Goes Wild


gawker-chris-leeChristopher Lee, congressman who resigned after getting caught sending a shirtless photo of himself to a woman on Craiglist is causing a meltdown on Twitter! Gossip website Gawker broke the story of Lee, a married Republican, who e-mailed the photo you see in this post to a woman he met via Craiglist. It’s totally cheesy so naturally Twitter is buzzing about it!

Here are a few of my favorite Christopher Lee tweets.  These are too funny!

@ktumulty tweeted, “One of the oddest aspects of this very odd chris lee thing is 46 yr old congressman would think being a 39 yr old lobbyist is a turn-on.”

@pourmecoffee tweeted: “As I understand the process, Chris Lee now gets to host a CNN show, which is not bad.”

@andylevy tweeted: “I hope Chris Lee knows Craigslist also has excellent job postings.”

But the big question is who will play the role of Christopher Lee in the Lifetime movie?  This scandal is sure to be a Lifetime movie.  I think Rick Schroder or William Petersen are good picks but @cyn3matic tweeted that “Gary Sinise, who is a GOPer” would make a good choice.

The married New York congressman abruptly resigned Wednesday, saying he regretted actions that had hurt his family and others.

Photo: Gawker

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