Christy Turlington Burns Talks About The Constant Fighting In Her House


Christy Turlington BurnsIf you have more than one child, you know all about the constant fighting, arguing, screaming, and crying that happen among siblings. And celeb parents aren’t immune to it! Christy Turlington Burns and her husband actor Ed Burns are feeling the sibling rivalry in their household…and it’s driving her crazy.

The couple has two children;  daughter Grace, 7½, and son Finn, 5. Christy recently talked to PEOPLE about the constant kid bickering. “It’s constant. Just walking by him — she just can’t help it and he adores her. He thinks that she is everything so it’s a little frustrating, but I also know that it’s part of being a kid and everyone goes through that.”

Christy says that the “fighting and crying” is “hard,” and that “they love each other, but they’re just kids.”

So how does Christy keep her sanity? Through her work with Every Mother Counts. She says it makes her feel “energized” and helps keep things in perspective for her.

“When you feel like you have conviction and you’re doing something that matters and you’re making a contribution, my kids feel the benefits of my satisfaction in that work and so my family is in good shape and then I feel like from there, yourself, your family and then on.”

Well said, Christy!

Photo: PRPhotos