Christy Turlington Strolls Home On A Summer Day With Daughter Grace


Well, it’s not technically summer yet but it has been incredibly hot and humid here in New York City over the past few day (until a lovely cold front came in).

Today, it’s beautiful, but just a few days ago NYC schoolkids were sweating it up in their overheated classrooms and moms were feeling the heat during after school pick-ups.

Maybe we should have taken a lesson from former supermodel Christy Turlington. She is seen here picking up daughter Grace from school and enjoying a leisurely stroll home.

Dressed low key in a striped  summer dress, she still looks stylish and is set for the hot weather.

With her hair pulled back and donning sunglasses and flip flops, she is just a typical mom out on a warm day.

Her daughter Grace matches mom by wearing striped shorts as she has a giggle walking home from her West Village school with a friend. Both girls and mom enjoy a frozen after school treat.

Image: PCN


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