Chuck Lorre: What He Could Say to Charlie Sheen on His Vanity Cards


charlie sheen rantChuck Lorre has the perfect format to get back at deal with the Charlie Sheen rant: the vanity cards that he posts after each of his shows: Two and a Half Men, Mike and Molly, and Big Bang Theory.

They are just up for a split second and are short essays by Chuck Lorre. Thanks to the power of dvr or tivo, we can wait with our finger poised over the pause button to be able to read them.

In light of Two and a Half Men canceled and the Charlie Sheen rant, we figured Chuck Lorre would have a lot to say on his vanity cards. But, that’s not the case.

Chuck Lorre has decided to take a break from writing his vanity cards. He is still posting something, but it’s a random body part. Um, a random safe-for-tv body part.

He said it was more fun to write the vanity cards when he thought no one was reading them. But, they were being read and analyzed. With the Charlie Sheen scandal, a lot of us thought that he would use them to take aim at the Charlie Sheen rant or address Two and a Half Men canceled, but I guess he’s trying to be the bigger person.

Oh, darn. We love to watch a good fight.