Church for the Obamas on Easter Sunday


The First family headed to the Allen Chapel African Methodist Church in Washington, D.C. to celebrate Easter on Sunday. President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, their daughters, Sasha and Malia and First MIL Marian Robinson are seen here, praying in the packed church during the nearly two hour service. According to the pool report, the arrival of the First family was greeted with an outbreak of cheering and–no surprise here–the collective movement of hands into purses and pockets, reaching for the cameras on their cell phones.

Recognizing that their presence causes quite a stir–not to mention a lengthy security check–the Obamas recently decided to pass on joining a church and attending regular public services.

Up next for the First family–The Easter Egg roll, a tradition almost as old as Easter itself. (OK, maybe not. But since 1878!)

Source/Photo: Offical White House Photo by Pete Souza

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