Church Lady Meets Kardashians, Snookie, Justin Bieber on SNL


dana-carvey-snlDana Carvey’s Church Lady met the Kardashian sisters, Snookie and Justin Bieber last night on SNL! Dana Carvey hosted Saturday Night Live and brought back one of my favorite characters, The Church Lady.

One of the best parts of the skit was when the Church Lady said she wanted “a piece of that sweet Bieber” and then Biebs and the Church Lady did the superior dance. I laughed so hard I cried! Carvey’s classic SNL character roasted the Kardashian sisters and had one of her priests perform an exorcism on Snookie from the Jersey Shore. It was too funny.

Church Lady Carvey discussed Charlie Sheen’s TV show (“One and a Half Men and a Whore-Monger”) MTV’s Skins (“a Sports Center for Pedophiles”) and the Kardashian sisters, or as the Church Lady called them, “the Holy Trinity of Sluts”.

Thank you to Dana Carvey because for a little while last night, it was like I was young again, laughing at the Church Lady, Wayne and Garth. What was funny in the late 80’s and early 90’s is still funny today. My daughters were laughing right along with me at the Church Lady.

If you didn’t see Dana Carvey’s sketch of the Church Lady, take a look below. It’s awesome.