Chynna Phillips' Weekend Divorce Drama


Chynna Phillips and Billy BaldwinChynna Phillips, fresh out of getting treated for anxiety, has called off her divorce lawyers. Her husband Billy Baldwin got the shock of his life on Friday when she filed papers on that day.

However, it now seems she’s had a change of heart. The couple, married for 18 years, have three children together. They are Jameson, 10, Vance, 8, and Brooke, 5.

A source told the New York Post,  “Chynna has gone under a lot of personal and professional stress. The divorce petition came after a long and emotional buildup. But once it was filed, she realized she didn’t want to lose Billy and asked her lawyers to withdraw it.”

Chynna and Baldwin’s manager, Lizzie Grubman, made a statement, “Every married couple has its up and downs, but they are two people who have been together for 18 years and are deeply in love. They will work through their personal issues and they are committed to staying together.”

I am rooting for the family! If it seems Billy Baldwin doesn’t want to split, I hope they can work it out for the sake of the kids!



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