Cindy Anthony Will NOT Face Criminal Perjury Charges

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Cindy Anthony will not face criminal perjury charges.

It has just been reported by a spokeswoman for a prosecutor’s office that Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s mother, will not face criminal perjury charges.

State attorney’s office spokeswoman Danielle Tavernier said Tuesday that prosecutors have decided against charging Cindy Anthony. She initially told police she did not search for chloroform on the family computer, but at the trial she said she did.

Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings spoke to reporters during a wide-range news conference just a week after Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony.

This is just another instance where justice is not being served. Can this situation get any worse?

How do you feel about Cindy Anthony getting away with lying to authorities?

[Photo via Trial Screenshot.]



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